Batteries, Amperage & Replacement

The average battery life is 3-4 years. If you leave a battery in a car too long, it can harm the alternator. An alternator is designed to keep a battery charged, not to charge a dead battery. Slowly over a period of time, your alternator will have to run longer […] Read more »

Seasonal Checklist

Rough roads, extreme weather changes, salt, dirt and sand. Seasonal changes are tough on all of us, including your car! Now is the time to get it into peak working order. Here is a quick checklist: TIRES – Drastic temperature changes usually lead to your tires losing pressure. Under-inflated tires […] Read more »

Synthetic Oil & Regular Maintenance

Tom changes his oil every 3,000 miles. He’s old school. He has cars for which the manufacturer recommends every 5,000 miles, but he still does it every 3,000 miles as preventative maintenance.   It’s spend a little bit now or a LOT later when something goes wrong. If you prefer […] Read more »

Proper Battery Maintenance

Always have your battery checked before the weather turns cold. Cold weather will slow down the chemical reaction in your battery that creates the power you need to start your car. If your battery is 3 to 4 years old it is likely on it last leg. And should be […] Read more »